Powering Possibility

Over the past decade, Exxaro has established itself as one of South Africa’s largest and foremost black-empowered resource companies. We produce coal, and also have interests in titanium ore, titanium oxide, iron ore, and zinc.  We go far beyond being just a mining business. We wisely steward our natural assets, all the while looking after the health and wellbeing of our communities. We are well aware that there is no success without the people we serve.

We strive for excellence in all we do. Our functions, processes, and people are all geared toward powering a positive and sustainable future for South African society. 

Seven men standing in the coal mines with protective gear


July 05, 2018

Belfast Mine Is Set to Break New Ground

Press Release

South Africa’s largest coal producer and black empowered mining group, Exxaro, today (5 July 2018) broke ground on a...

July 03, 2018

Mining Last Coal Deposit - Mpumalanga Coalfields

Press Release

EXXARO Resources has started work on one of the last substantial coal deposits remaining in the 100-year-old Mpumalanga...

June 25, 2018

South Africa Scenarios 2030 Indlulamithi Launch


Exxaro welcomes the launch of the South Africa Scenarios 2030 Indlulamithi project in Johannesburg yesterday (EDS: 21...