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Press Release • 13 Sep 2022

Exxaro Resources Ranked Top 10 in 2022 EY Excellence in Integrated Reporting Awards

Exxaro Resources Ranked Top 10 in 2022 EY Excellence in Integrated Reporting Awards

Exxaro Resources is pleased to announce its 5th position in this year’s Top 10 of the Ernst & Young (EY) Excellence in Integrated Reporting Awards. The diversified minerals and renewable energy solutions company was recognised as the only mining resources company in the top five and continues to deliver solid returns through its integrated reporting and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance.

Ernst & Young is one of the Big Four accounting firms that provides audit, consulting, tax, business risk, technology and security risk services, and human capital services worldwide. The global organisation assesses strategic plans and outcomes of many companies, to ensure that sustainable and innovative practices are achieved for the success of the business. The EY Excellence in Integrated Reporting Awards benchmarks standards of excellence in the quality of integrated reporting to investors and other stakeholders, within the top 100 JSE-listed South African companies.

Exxaro’s CEO, Dr Nombasa Tsengwa “The importance of Integrated Reporting for Exxaro, allows fairness and information accessibility amongst our investors, employees, communities and other stakeholders.”

Exxaro’s strategic decisions and operational performances are revealed through its integrated reporting. Therefore, to achieve long-term value, it is important for a company like Exxaro to distinguish between short, medium and long-term strategies for positive and sustainable impact in the various communities in which it operates in.

The leading mining resources and renewable energy solutions company has integrated the following six capitals into its business model and strategy: Natural; Human; Social and Relationship; Manufactured, Intellectual; and Financial, to demonstrate the company’s value creation story. Exxaro has continuously strived to positively contribute to and disprove any adverse impact on these capitals.

“Being ranked 5th place for this award proves our extraordinary commitment to provide transparent and quality reporting to our local communities, investors, employees and other stakeholders but it also serves as a reminder to constantly demonstrate integrated thinking,” concludes Dr Tsengwa.