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Press Release • 09 Jan 2020

Exxaro urges community to take notice of recruitment scam

Exxaro urges community to take notice of recruitment scam

In light of false vacancy advertisements making the rounds in Mpumalanga, Exxaro urges community members, and those applying for jobs at the mining company, to remain vigilant of scammers who advertise job placements and/or interviews in exchange for payments.

Following the fraudulent posts, Vanisha Balgobind, Exxaro Executive Head of Human Resources, commented, “There is no prerequisite that requires applicants to pay for an interview or to secure a permanent position at Exxaro. We are an ethically-driven company and will, under no circumstances, accept any sort of fee for a job opportunity.”

Balgobind continued, “we strongly urge applicants to verify the authenticity of all information, especially those obtained from social media, with our HR department and to report any suspicious supply chain adverts to our fraud and ethics hotline.”

Exxaro’s fraud and ethics hotline can be reached on +27 800 203 579 or

Those seeking work at Exxaro are advised to follow the recognised process of consulting the company's official website – for available positions at Exxaro.