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Blog • 04 Oct 2019



At Exxaro, we firmly believe that our growth and success hinge off of our people, and as such, it is imperative that we are all on the same journey towards our core purpose – to power better lives in Africa and beyond through our contributions to the business, society and the economy.

We are only as strong and capable as our employees – both present and future – which is why we are committed to investing in our workforce and enriching the lives of our people with strong, steadfast values, opportunities for growth, genuine care and concern, and guidance and mentorship.

Our well-embedded values and empowered culture form the very core of our organisation and define us as employees in the way we work, interact, behave and respond to issues that arise. Furthermore, they filter into the positive work we do to better society. Here’s what we aspire to as an organisation every day.

Our four main values are empowered to grow and contribute, teamwork, committed to excellence, and honest responsibility. Within these overarching values, we also have five cultural themes including responsibility, adaptability, openness and connectivity, diversity and ownership. But what does this mean for our culture?

We foster a culture of being adaptable to the ever-changing world around us, encouraging our employees to be willing to learn and improve in everything they do. We know that change is inevitable, based on current social, economic, and technological realities, so we aim to be agile and create new opportunities to move us forward as a collective.

Teamwork and collaboration are a big part of our business as we believe that working together will bring out the best in us all. We care for and look out for each other, treating our colleagues with respect and dignity.

Our open and connected ecosystem, along with the motivation to act ethically with accountability and against misconduct, builds a safe and healthy working environment. We want Exxaro to be a positive place for all.

Our potential is in our differences – we embrace and harness the diversity of our strengths

and individual skills to enable us to achieve exceptional outcomes. This promotes a culture of diversity and inclusivity across the Group.

And finally, we understand that success lies within each one of us. By taking ownership and accountability of our performance every day and always striving to perform at the best of our abilities, we can drive Exxaro to new heights.

By first perfecting our practices internally, we believe that we can make more of a powerful impact externally.

With a focus on our purpose and a unified effort towards aligning with our values and bettering our behaviours, we are confident we will continue to power a positive and sustainable future, for all South Africans.