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Blog • 18 Jul 2019



Mafa Max Motloung Secondary School

Exxaro Leeuwpan mine management and some volunteer employees did gardening at the school and planted seedlings in the school garden o‌n Mandela Day. Leeuwpan mine also donated garden tools to the school o‌n the day as well as a speaker system and microp o‌ne.

Exxaro Leeuwpan mine and Sasol donate R800 000 for the refurbishment of burnt classes at Botleng Secondary School

On 18 July in the true spirit of Mandela Day, Exxaro Leeuwpan mine has donated R400 000 to the Botleng Secondary School for the refurbishment of burnt classes and Sasol matched the amount with a further R400 000. Thus, in total the Botleng Secondary School have received R800 000 in monetary value to assist them in repairing burnt classes at this school situated in the Delmas area.

Botleng Secondary School was established o‌n 31 January 1978. The school had a fire o‌n the first weekend of September 2018 and four classrooms were extremely damaged, including school furniture e.g. tables and chairs. The school approached Exxaro Leeuwpan mine to assist them with the reparations of the classrooms, including the procurement of new furniture for the school. This will immensely contribute towards ensuring a conducive environment for learning to take place at the school.

The Exxaro team have requested the service of a technical person to assist in evaluating the damage and together they visited the school. The burnt classes were closely evaluated, and pictures were taken as evidence to assess the extend of the damage. As a result, the preliminary costings of the fire damage were done. The provision of services in the fo‌rm of fixing the damaged building was the priority, hence the initial request focused o‌n infrastructure repairs. However, with Sasol o‌n board more can be done to assist the school.

Botleng Secondary school is o‌ne of the oldest schools and has more learners compared to other schools in the area. By having four classes which are not occupied since the fire have increased the number of learners per teacher in other classrooms. By having so many children in o‌ne class hampers the provision of quality education in the school. However, by Exxaro and Sasol sponsoring this initiative, there will be more teachers per learners in the classrooms and create a better environment for teaching and learning.

This donation will go towards the renovation and restoration of the damages at the school for the fire damage and to repair the actual classes including the removal of all the damaged roof structures, stripping the walls and floors and removing all rubble. It will also include the erection of a new roof structure, plastering of all walls, new ceiling boards, painting of walls and ceilings, new doors, the replacing of windows, as well as PVC floor tiles and the replacement of all electrical wiring of the classes.

Handover of a Toyota Avanza car for community policing

The Victor Khanye Local Municipality approached Exxaro Leeuwpan mine with a request for a vehicle for community policing – Exxaro in turn got their two biggest contractors involved – Plantcor and Lomeza. They agreed in purchasing a community policing vehicle for the municipality and the Avanza vehicle was officially handed over to them o‌n Mandela Day.