Exxaro SAINC3

The EXXARO SAINC3 will focus on the company’s commitment to Enterprise Supplier Development in the context of

  • Gender empowerment;
  • Socio economic transformation; and
  • Exxaro’s future focussed strategy for business viability beyond mining

In this story we will visit the Exxaro Lephalale mine where we will meet two women owned businesses who form part of the mines supply chain; with the objective of capturing a rich human story for each with a narrative that ensures that viewers feel connected to and proud of these women and what they have achieved and in turn, care genuinely about Exxaro for their role in helping them get this far.

In addition to these stakeholders who we will meet in both their personal and work environments, we will also engage with their employees as the positive externalities of this business growth to provide a sense of the scaled and sustainable impact that is achieved through effective ESD. Additional story characters may include a women engineer who has grown her career working at the mine, as well as an Exxaro representative involved in the implemented of the ESD programs who can speak to the detail of the intervention and the scale of the impact across the spectrum of beneficiaries and participants.

All of this will be located within the context of the executive interviews from Mr Mgojo and Dr Nombasa which will explore the narrative of what it means to be a purposeful mine, how gender and ESD priorities fit into this strategy and what the journey towards green mining and zero coal entails.

Draft Executive questions

  • Please share with us Exxaro’s purpose statement and what this means in the context of the business’s future focused strategy?
  • What does sustainable value creation mean to Exxaro?
  • How do you see the company’s role in powering the country’s economic growth?
  • Let’s talk about supporting job and business creation – what are some of the initiatives Exxaro has in place to pursue this agenda?
  • Why is ESD such a business imperative for corporate South Africa
  • What makes Exxaro’s approach so unique / effective?
  • Please share with us some of the high-level stats of ESD business growth across your operations
  • What are the challenges you would still like to overcome in this space?
  • How / why is the company actively pursing gender equality?
  • What are the expected benefits of this approach?
  • How do these elements fit into Exxaro’s broader strategy?
  • What makes you most proud about the impact Exxaro is creating?
  • How does this all fit into Exxaros long term strategy for a future beyond coal mining?


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